The Dolans have always been passionate about supporting our community, especially when it comes to education. Maybe it goes back to Ryan and Brady's mother, who was a special education teacher. Whatever the reason, they've pursued their passion by creating a series of programs to give local schools the opportunity to make a difference.

The Dolan School Upgrade Project has allowed schools throughout northern Nevada to improve their classrooms. Over the last several years, dozens of schools have participated, submitting their stories to the Dolan Auto Group. We've had the pleasure of awarding schools with funds to purchase everything from new books to supplies to playground equipment.

Another important education-based program we've introduced is The Dolan Community Upgrade project. This community outreach program has made a positive impact on public spaces throughout northern Nevada. The community benefits from the thoughtful programs that schools put together such as cleaning up a park, food and clothing drives, and more. Students are then rewarded with funds to purchase new educational equipment and supplies to improve their scholastic experience. Last year alone, we donated $60,000 to the Dolan Community Upgrade project.

Additionally, Dolan Auto Group has been a strong supporter of Bishop Manogue Catholic High School. Bishop Manogue is a non-profit, diocesan school committed to cultivating Christian values, academic excellence and providing students with the proper tools to help them live happy, successful lives. In 2015, we donated $20,000 to Bishop Manogue to further their mission of educating local kids through leadership, faith, knowledge and compassion.

When you purchase a car, truck or SUV from Dolan Auto Group, you're getting more than just a great vehicle at a great value. You're becoming part of our family - a family with a passion for making education in our community a priority.