A new mindset, a new way of doing business. At Dolan Auto Group, we're redefining the customer experience.  


Non-Commission Product Specialist

And because the last thing you want when buying a car is to feel pressured, we decided to take a different approach and pay our product specialists a salary …not commission. Having non-commission product specialists has allowed our team to focus on what's important - helping you find the exact vehicle you're looking for.


Dolan Price - Fair & Guaranteed

Before we price a vehicle, we analyze the market comparing similar vehicles for sale. Based on the data collected, every vehicle receives a Fair Price from its first day in inventory. No negotiation needed. 

To give you further peace of mind, if you find a similar vehicle at a lower price within 150 miles from Reno, just show it to us and we'll match the price.


Delivery & Technology Specialist 

Nothing is more frustrating than having a car with features that you do not know how to use. 

Before you drive your new vehicle off the lot, we want to make sure you're familiar with your new vehicle. Delivery & Technology Specialists were added to our team to help. One on one, a Deliver & Technology Specialist will take as much time as you need to show you how to take full advantage of all of the technology your car has to offer.

Experience the Dolan Difference