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Dolan Team Shops for Toys for Tots

The Dolan Team believes that every child in our community deserves to experience the joy of Christmas no matter what their circumstance. So, we decided to rise the challenge and do our part as a team to make sure that as many children as possible have something to open on Christmas morning.


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Lexus Design Award 2018


In late July of this year, Lexus International invited the public to enter into the Lexus Design Award 2018 competition. Each year since the award's inception in 2013, Lexus has been committed to recognizing the next generation of creators and designers. The competition, like others, has several rounds. Worldwide, thousands of creative people will be considered as candidates for the award Lexus gives out each year. From there, just twelve finalists will be chosen.

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2017 World Championship Outhouse Races

Racing outhouses has been a long-standing tradition in the historic community of Virginia City. Why, do you ask? Well....when outdoor plumbing was outlawed years and years ago residents of VC were a bit upset. So they took their outhouses to the streets! Today we race to commemorate this act AND because it is a whole lot of fun!

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Car Sharing: Brought to You by Toyota and Servco



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Toyota and Servco are partnering to test a new car-sharing platform in Honolulu, Hawaii. Servco currently acts as the vehicle distributor for Toyota in Hawaii, so this new partnership is a natural outgrowth of their already extant business relationship. Right now, there is an employee-only test program in place. However, once that concludes, the plan is to launch a new car-sharing service based out of Honolulu.


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