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Dolan Auto Group welcomes all shoppers to our family-owned and operated dealership in Reno, NV. Whether you locate a new car, or you continue for something that meets your needs, it always helps to have financing on your mind moving forward. Even if you purchase a bargain used car for under $15,000, most of us do not have the resources or ability to pay for a whole vehicle as we would pay for a book or microwave. Financing and leasing both enable shoppers to streamline monthly costs of car ownership into several structured payments made to a local credit union or bank.

To achieve proper financing through an auto loan, you need to learn about credit and how it affects you! We invite you to learn more about our Dolan Credit Center before applying for financing at Dolan Auto Group. Shoppers will find our dealerships here in Reno and proudly serving Carson City.


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Credit Issues? Let's See How We Can Help!

Many of our customers from Tahoe or Carson City know their credit score, and they may also know it can stop them from financing the car they need at most other dealerships. Here at Dolan, our family knows that everyone has a different financial situation, and many of our customers and family members might have faced similar predicaments. You may have recently paid off a student loan or medical debt, but also find yourself waiting for your credit to bounce back. You may have a child with no credit history yet, but in need of a car for college travels.

No matter your past credit issues, our family-owned dealership can work with you to help find a solution in the form of an affordable auto loan. In a typical auto loan, you effectively borrow the vehicle over the long-term, but make payments to a lending institution, with the ultimate goal of owning the vehicle yourself. As such, auto loans help customers build equity in ways that lease agreements might not guarantee. This equity helps your credit rating re-stabilize and proves your dependability to future lenders who you might need to help buy a house or finance your next car. We work with drivers of all different credit ratings helping them to bounce back and reemerge to good credit standing.

Welcoming Prospective New Buyers!

If you only recently heard about Dolan Auto Group from a neighbor in Sparks, NV, then let us first welcome you to our dealership family! The Dolan Auto Group owns several dealerships throughout Reno, helping find shoppers the car they want and need from several different automotive brands. Our fully-stocked inventory includes new cars from brands like

  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Lexus
  • Mazda
  • Ram

You will find a plethora of names to choose from, both new and pre-owned. We keep all of our cars in excellent condition, with all used cars undergoing a thorough quality-assurance check our team of certified technicians. Most of our new and used cars come backed by some great offers to help you buy or finance affordably. As our sales team works for a salary rather than a commission, they will work tirelessly to find you a fair and affordable deal with no pricing tricks, gimmicks, or scams. We want to offer all of our customers fair and haggle-free pricing, with affordable financing and leasing opportunities.

Feel Free to Ask Us Your Credit Questions!

If you still have questions about the financing or leasing process, we highly encourage you to contact us here at Dolan Auto! Some of our customers want to know if their credit will impact their desired down payment, and we can help answer. Each of our sales and financing professionals enjoys years of experience in their fields and maintains a positive attitude so that we may answer your questions clearly and concisely. Buying a new car can prove one of the biggest financial undertakings of your life, next to buying a home, so you deserve to go into the process with a clear head and an understanding of all financing-related terms. Let our sales and finance teams put your mind at ease by answering your questions!

Visit Dolan Auto Group Today

No matter which of our dealerships you choose to finance with, you will find our Dolan Credit Center there for you to help guide through the financing process. As a family-owned group of dealerships in Reno, NV, we treat all of our guests like a member of our family, which means finding them fair and honest deals to help them finance the car they need comfortably. Contact us today here at Dolan Auto Group when you wish to begin.

We look forward to meeting you!