Dolan Class Project - Fall 2021



Dolan Auto Group invites all teachers in Northern Nevada to submit their class project idea and video as we give $100,000 to 19 classrooms throughout northern Nevada.

Giving back to our community is what drives us at Dolan Auto Group. It's why we're so excited to announce the return of the Dolan Class Project. Each year, we're inspired by the amazing class projects submitted by local teachers, projects that better our schools and all of northern Nevada.

This year, we're raising our donation amount and giving $100,000 to local classrooms, including:
  • 1 Grand Prize winner of $10,000 (#1 voted by the community)
  • 13 classrooms with $5,000 prize winnings (voted by the community)
  • 5 classrooms with $5,000 prize winnings (voted by the teachers who submitted videos)
Submissions have been accepted, voting has been completed, we're excited to announce the official winners below. 

The grand prize winner of $10,000, voted on by the community, is Ms. Witkowskie's 5th Grade Band of Fritsch Elementary School in Carson City, NV. 

The Dolan's have decided to extend their giving and will be awarding every class that participated, $5,000 each. This is the most amount of classrooms ever to be awarded funds in one year. Congratulations to all the projects below who will receive $5,000 each:

  • Mr. Echebarria's English and World History Class - Pioneer Academy
  • Eagle Valley Middle School Agriculture Ventures Class
  • Mr. Dan Ingram's Orienteering Class at Carson High School
  • Miss Sciarani's First Grade Yerington Elementary School
  • Mrs. Hatjakes' Third Grade Classroom
  • Mr. Barfield's 3rd Grade Class of Bordewich/Bray Elementary School
  • Mrs. Frabbiele's Journalism Elective 7th Grade-Coral Academy of Science Middle School
  • Ms. Patterson's General Music classroom at Palmer Elementary
  • Mrs. Siemer's Middle School Class of Mount Rose K-8
  • Mrs. Wiggins STEM Class at Empire Elementary School
  • Mrs. Gutierrez at Little Flower School
  • Grizzly Arts with Ms. Schnaare
  • Ms. Robinson's 6th-12th Grade Students in Carson City
  • Miss. Valley's Choir Class at Carson Middle School
  • Reed High School's Choir!
  • Ms. Harker & Ms. Park at Scarselli Elementary School
  • 4th Grade Coral Academy
  • Damonte Ranch Garden Club with Mrs. Thiede
  • Amy Nutcher ESL Department at Mark Twain Elementary
  • Ms. Lim's 2nd Grade Class