We are honored to continue showcasing the amazing organizations we have around Northern Nevada. This month, we are shining a light on Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada. Each month they serve over thousands of individuals. Their mission is to respond to unmet human needs so all can thrive… with food, clothing, shelter, and a helping hand, Catholic Charities bring hope to people in order to build spirit and self-reliance within them and within our community. 


Dolan has been involved with the Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada for years as Tom Dolan has been dedicated to partnering with them. An involved, passionate, and longtime board member he has been able to see Catholic Charities grow and flourish over the years. 

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Currently, they have many programs and events underway for their mission to help those in need focusing their efforts on four key areas: food services, case management services, family services, and residential services. All while also operating two thrift stores to provide entry-level employment opportunities. 


A few of the programs they put into place are: 

  • St. Vincent’s Dining Room- This dining room serves over 1,000 free and nutritious meals each day to those who are hungry in our community.
  • The Food Pantry- Offering non-perishable, canned and packaged food products to individuals and families in need at no cost, serving more than 15,000 people each month. 
  • Immigration Legal Services- Helping people find and fund a legal pathway to citizenship.
  • Resource Hub- A resource center that embraces each family and invidual creating a plan to increase self-sufficiency, and giving back some of the choices they may have lost along their way.
  • Battle Born Housing Plus- a sober community for low-income individuals who are looking for help in both short and long-term stability.
  • Thriving Families Support Center- services offered through this support center to mitigate the root causes of poverty. Their goal is to help every person they encounter to lead a meaningful and purposeful life.
  • Benefits Enrollment Center- This Center helps assist low-income Medicare beneficiaries in accessing available benefits.
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Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada has a wide range of available programs to assist those who need it the most. We are proud to showcase an outstanding organization as they strive to help those in need from all types of backgrounds.


Interested in donating or volunteering? Click here to learn more about Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada.

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