Here at Dolan Automotive Group, our goal is to help you find the right vehicle, and make sure it's a ride you can afford. For people out there in Reno, Carson City and Sparks who have been looking for a reliable option and need help with financing and credit, we're here to help you there too. We work with drivers from all credit backgrounds and are here to offer our services to you so you can get the ride you need and a payment that makes sense for you!

There are some of us out there who know that when we walk into a dealership like ours and we're looking to buy a Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Mazda or a Lexus that the financing process can be smooth as you have a good credit score, a down payment, a trade-in and more as well as the ability to get pre-approved. That's great and we're happy to serve you and find your next vehicle! But so too are we happy to help those with less than stellar credit. We know it can be many different factors from job loss, student debt, divorce and more. We're sympathetic to your situation and will do our best to help you secure the right financing. We will make sure to work on your behalf to find auto loan that allows you built equity and with affordable payments you can make monthly, get on the right track.

There are many standout used cars that make sense for those who have credit issues, while we also have a host of new options that present you with affordable choices too. We have tools that allow you to figure out what a vehicle will cost you with our online and secure credit application that gives you a head start on the process as it allows us to look for rates and get you pre-approval before you start looking at options here in our showroom in Reno. You can also find out the value of your trade-in and use that toward the purchase of your next new or used vehicle as it's a great way to add on some additional savings. There's also a payment calculator which lets you crunch numbers with down payment and interest rates to see what the right monthly payment plan for you would be.

Whatever it is, our team is always willing to help you with all things financing in our credit center. To get started, contact us online today or come by and see us at Dolan Automotive Group and we'd be happy to provide you with all the necessary details.

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