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Every student deserves to enjoy a robust and thorough education full of the necessary resources that aid them in their success.  We know that there are teachers and administrators in our community and region that work tirelessly to achieve this for their students and, yet, there is always more to be done and needs continue to arise. Team Dolan is dedicated to doing our part to not only attempt to fulfill these needs but support teachers, administrators and students in the ways that we can.


This fall, through the 2018 Fall Dolan Class Project we were able to give a share of $60,000 to 11 classes in northern Nevada. Team Dolan is so happy to announce the 11 winners of the 2018 Fall Dolan Class Project! They are as follows....


The 10 classrooms winning $5,000 each:

{C}1.       Urban Roots Garden Classroom

{C}2.       Theatre Class at North Valleys High School

{C}3.       Spanish Springs High School Special Education Class

{C}4.       Rollan Melton ES 3rd Grade Class

{C}5.       Choir Class at Reed High School

{C}6.       Cougar Choir of Spanish Springs High School

{C}7.       The Musical Aces of Anderson Elementary

{C}8.       The Honors Academy of Literature Multi-Age Class

{C}9.       Riverview Elementary 5th Grade Class

{C}10.   Carson Middle School Band


Finally, the grand prize of $10,000 dollars and the classroom that received the most votes from the community is……..


The 3rd Grade Class at Sarah Winnemucca Elementary School! 


Congratulations to all for participating and rallying the community around our youth and their education! 


This brings us so much JOY! Our desire is that these funds will act as a “game changer” for the needs each class. These funds are meant to upgrade for the present and the future!


Team Dolan is invested in education and our youth’s future. We know that our efforts for students have a lasting effect, and make an impact that sustains for children to reap the benefits of for years. THAT is why we are always looking to help. Because it matters!


We want to impact the next generation and help them to understand what giving to others can do so someday they will give as well!


Keep an eye out for all of our fun pictures and video clips from our upcoming check deliveries. We cannot wait to share as we celebrate with each and every class!

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