Dolan Auto Group and CalFest

Dolan Auto Group is proud to host our first CalFest workshop this month, May 2018. As our way of extending a helping hand to those in and around our state dedicated to strengthening events and ultimately the quality of life in our region. Who doesn’t love a well-executed event that brings people and organizations together to give the community life and a boost that is often needed?

On May 24th Dolan Auto Group will be hosting CalFest members at our Dolan Lexus store. The Dolan Team will be speaking on behalf of sponsors all over our states. We hope to help bring awareness to what partnerships mean to organizations that are dedicated to their communities. Team Dolan will also touch on the effect a well-established and well executed event can have on a community at large. Finally we will talk about what lasting partnerships are made of!

What is CalFest?

How fast, formerly known as California festivals and events association included the silver state in 1997. Now, known as California and Nevada festivals and events association everyone is included and assisted with in these two states. 

CalFest hosts an annual convention in the beginning of each year to help festival organizers an event coordinators sharpen their skills and network with one another. This event has proven to be extremely helpful and needed! In addition, workshops offered to members throughout the year as a way to stay connected and informed.

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