Dolan at the Virginia City Rodeo and Fiesta Del Charro 2018

On August 18th and 19th, everyone was invited to experience a grandiose show that adds yet another extraordinary characteristic to an already historic town.

The Virginia City Rodeo and Fiesta Del Charro was a great way to get up close and personal with the livestock. The afternoon began with a blend of past and present as long-horns strutted down C Street with a Toyota Tundra leading the pack.

Once attendees made their way into the arena, a parachutist flew through the sky and touched down with an American flag to lead the audience into the National Anthem. Now that’s what you call an opening act!

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Children from towns and cities all over Northern Nevadad and beyond participated in our personal favorite, MUTTON BUSTIN’! They competed for a specialty belt buckle while we enjoyed the humorous and fun sport. There were bucking broncs, bull-fighting, dancing horses and more to follow. In fact, there was even a bit of BMX action at this “Show-deo”. The entertainment never stopped!


The Fiesta del Charro, a Mexican style of rodeo, was the highlight of the afternoon. This event combined both American and Mexican styles of rodeo competition by doing acts like trick roping and Escaramusa, a Mexican Drill Team. The Flying U rode show horses as they galloped around the arena to a mariachi band, demonstrating their beauty and culture.

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Team Dolan had a great time kicking up our heels at another wonderful event in VC. We would love to see you jump back in the saddle with us next year!


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